Just Not Another Toy! But Science!

EN71 (European Nation) certified!

gel rod name-min

What’s in the Box?

Long stick (120 MM)                        6 pcs
Short stick  ( 70 MM)                      16 pcs 
Ball  (140 MM DIA)                    –     10 pcs
Arc Stick  (90 MM)                           4 pcs

A storage box to store all the colorful tiles after play


Product Description

  • Ultimate fun building 2D and 3D structures while exporing the magnetism safely could be done with this extraordinary toy .
  • The pieces are oversized for the safety of kids and kids would develop the STEM skills with this toy.
  • The effects of attraction and repulsion would be so much fun and learning at the same time.


Why GeLRod?

GELROD is one more world celebrated toy concept and it is listed under the top ten world celebrated toys. It help kids’ motor skills, the magnetic effect is so much fun as well.

The concentration and creativity of kids increases with this toy undoubtedly.

Are they safe? Any certification?

Yes! They are 100 percent safe and EN – 71 certified toy.

(European Nations Safety Standard Certification)  We in GEL make sure that every product of ours has the best quality

Few Designs from GeLRod

Who can play?

Kids above 3 plus can play.

This is a best toy for kids of all age group above 3 and even adults enjoy playing with this amazing toy

Isn’t it expensive?

Well, GELROD got the best price in the current market. The Magnetic Tiles are world celebrated toy and a must have for every kid.

Are these breakable?

We see this toy withstands a lot of falls still sturdy enough not to break.  They are almost unbreakable however we advise not to be thrown as the steel balls are heavy and can hurt.

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